Department of Monitoring and Evaluation Mandates

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation 
  2. Supervision of MDG Project Support Unit Core Functions: 
  • Establishing and managing an appropriate State monitoring and evaluation system.
  • Facilitating MDAs to set up M&E systems including mechanisms for measuring performance (performance standards, indicators etc.)
  • Monitoring capital projects, including supervision of the MDG Project Support Unit.
  • Facilitating annual State Government and MDA performance reviews.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the budget. This will include financial monitoring (ensuring funds released are expended as planned), physical monitoring (e.g. critical examination of activities like purchases, construction, etc.) and input-output analysis monitoring to ensure efficient and effective use of public funds.
  • Facilitating, advising and conducting specific evaluations (e.g. sector policies, programmes etc.). This will include Ex-ante evaluation, On-going evaluation, Terminal evaluation, and Ex-post evaluation.